the what

Geared for middle school and high school aged kids, this 5-day (10 hour) STEM-based course, aligned with Colorado state standards, teaches participants about the bicycle as a simple machine—how it works, how to repair it and how to ride safely. Instructors place an emphasis on teaching valuable life skills along the way. Upon completion of the multi-session course, graduates receive their own bike, a new helmet, lock and tool kit.

the why

This fun, experiential program offers excellent instruction plus an exciting goal for every kid—to earn the bike they work on. The course uses STEM-based curriculum and a positive development approach to provide youth with the opportunity to learn and master the technical skills of building a bike and riding competently. Instructors also use this time to teach life skills such as leadership, responsibility and relationship-building. In the end, youth know they’ve earned their new bike through hard work, perseverance and follow-through.

The How

We come to your site. We bring the bikes, the tools, the instructor and curriculum. Riding skills are taught at a local park, trail or neighborhood path closest to your site.

the who

We partner with youth agencies and middle and high schools in the Denver Metro area to provide a unique educational experience and further our cause of enriching the lives of local youth.

Get Involved

Volunteer to help lead our rides for our Learn to Earn Program.

If you are a youth organization or school, and want to add fun, experiential programming for your youth participants, partner with us today.

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