the what

Our Lucky Girls Initiative focuses on recruiting more youth that identify as female to participate in our programs—giving them the opportunity to learn how to ride and experience all the benefits our various programs offer.

the why

Although all our programs are currently open to both boys and girls, most of the kids participating in our programs have historically been male. We know that boys, starting at a young age, are encouraged more often than girls to participate in physical, adventurous activities, like mountain biking; but we also know that healthy behaviors and positive life skills are just as important for girls as they are for boys.

The How

At Lucky to Ride, we encourage youth, both male and female, to participate in our programs—helping to build confidence and sense of adventure for a lifetime. If you’re a youth organization that is looking to promote female-focused programs, we can offer our current programming or we can customize a program specifically to meet your goals.

the who

We are constantly looking for new partners who want to incorporate experiential and educational programming into their youth organization.

Some of our partners have included:

  • VIDA Ambassadors
  • Ride It Grrl
  • Bold Betties

Get Involved

If you work with a youth organization that would like to partner with the Lucky Girls Initiative or you would like to help us support and strengthen this program, contact us today.

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