Our Ride Program is backed by the national organization, Trips for Kids

the what

We provide adventure-filled, daylong and after school mountain bike outings for small groups of youth, ages 10 and up. Trips are led by our experienced Ride Leaders who, with the help of skilled adult volunteers, provide positive encouragement throughout the challenging day on the trail. Kids learn basic mountain biking skills, bike safety, and riding techniques.

the why

Our rides are ideal teachable moments that help demonstrate the benefits of healthy living and adventure. Instruction is woven into each ride challenging youth to re-assess their own personal limitations, trust in others, and stretch their comfort zone. The foothill and mountain parks we explore provide the perfect classroom to teach an appreciation and awareness of the great outdoors.

The How

We provide the bikes, water bottles, snacks, logistics and technical expertise to safely facilitate a day on the trail.

the who

We partner with youth agencies and schools in the Denver Metro area to provide a unique educational experience and further our cause of enriching the lives of local youth.

Get Involved

Volunteer to help lead our rides.

If you are a youth organization or school and want to add fun, experiential programming for your youth participants, partner with us today.

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