We need your time, talent and energy

Do you like to ride, teach others how to ride and share your love of riding? If so, help with our Ride Program
  • You’ll lead or co-lead 2-4 hour rides for youth from under-resourced communities (ages 10 and up). Give them the opportunity to get outside, learn to ride, have fun, and experience the thrill and accomplishment of doing something new!
  • Most Rides are during the weekday between 10-4pm
  • Don’t worry, we’ll find the trail, help with logistics, provide an easy teaching guide and train you; but of course, you’ll need to bring your mad riding skills, and your energetic, fun self.
Do you like all things bikes—fixing bikes, maintaining bikes, riding bikes, and teaching others how to do the same? If so, be the gearhead you were meant to be and work with our Learn to Earn Program.
  • You’ll teach our youth participants (middle and high school youth) bike repair, maintenance skills and how to get their hands dirty, have fun and ride while gaining the confidence and knowledge to do it on their own.
  • Most Learn to Earn classes are during the weekday between 10-4pm.
  • Don’t worry… we provide the tools, the bikes, the workshop, the curriculum and the eager participants that will marvel at your mechanical wizardry.
Do you like the idea of helping with a mishmash of all kinds of stuff at our bike shop? If so, volunteer at Lucky Bikes Re-Cyclery
  • You’ll be working at our bike shop, a social enterprise that repairs and sells affordable bikes in our local community AND helps fund our non-profit, Lucky to Ride.
  • Your mishmash of duties will include repairing bikes, assisting customers, gathering bike donations, working side-by-side with our Youth@Work participants, and more.
  • Don’t worry, we’ll train you, work with you, bring you lots of coffee/snacks and praise your awesomeness.

Event Volunteer

Lucky to Ride hosts several community events each year, like National Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day and Halloween Spooky Bike Ride.
  • You’ll be doing a bunch of stuff, although we might not know what that stuff is just yet. We do know it will be a fun time and an amazing thing to be a part of.
  • Maybe it’s fitting kiddos with helmets, leading a bike skills course, or helping with set up and take down.

Company and Groups

Do you like the idea of you and your coworkers, your friends, your church or your bike team doing something fun while doing something good? If so, check in with us to find out how you can get involved.

       Corporate Bike Build

  • A unique philanthropic experience for your team. Our approach is different in that it ensures a high quality geared bike that a youth can use for years. We believe just giving youth a bike is not sufficient; youth need training and bike skills practice in how to ride safely and how to maintain their bike. That’s why your team will create a life-long impact for youth. Your team experience will also include a ride led by our experienced team, so you’ll get to see firsthand the impact you’re making.

       Bike Drives

  • Don’t worry, we have some helpful tips and marketing materials for you to use; we can help you market it and set you up for success. Plus, we’ll give you a big high-five when you bring in those donated bikes!

Volunteer Rewards

10+ hours = Lucky to Ride water bottle & sticker
20+ hours = Lucky to Ride T-Shirt
35+ hours = One-Time 10/15% coupon or sweet Lucky to Ride Hoodie
50+ hours = 50% off any bike
75+ hours = BOGO
100+ hours = Legacy Discount 

to sign-up:

Email info@luckytoride.org, call (720) 454-9722, or fill out this form:

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